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Climbing a good tree (documentary)

Watch our trailer for the upcoming documentary film “Climbing a good tree”.

“Connect for Change”

The handbook “Connect for Change – Shaping global educational partnerships and projects for change” aims to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for the establishment, design and further development of global education partnerships and projects. It contains contributions from experts from all over the world

Handbook “Connect for Change” – Introduction

Our work is also featured in the handbook, as it was written in collaboration with YLF.
You can find an interview of the founder of YLF, Gilbert Kofi Germain, as well as information about our German-Ghanaian school partnership with the “Berufsbildende Schule 1” (vocational school) in Gifhorn (Germany).

The full book can be downloaded as PDF on the website

Local authorities and leaders should participate in global educa-tional partnership because of their important role in good governance for sustainable development. In workhops they can learn more about the important connection bet-ween the educational systems and governance structure. They are exposed to cultu-ral differences and they are forced to be dynamic on how to use their leadership power structure. After a workshop, they are maybe able to to use these partnership experience to develop new cultural poli-cies to control their political leaderships back home. And they can give a bigger chance for the youth who participate in global educational partner-ships to exercise governance power in their home countries and implement the skills and knowledge acquireed.

Gilbert Kofi GermainTeacher at the St. Germain School, Ghana