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“Connect for Change”

The handbook “Connect for Change – Shaping global educational partnerships and projects for change” aims to serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for the establishment, design and further development of global education partnerships and projects. It contains contributions from experts from all over the world

Handbook “Connect for Change” – Introduction

Our work is also featured in the handbook, as it was written in collaboration with YLF.
You can find an interview of the founder of YLF, Gilbert Kofi Germain, as well as information about our German-Ghanaian school partnership with the “Berufsbildende Schule 1” (vocational school) in Gifhorn (Germany).

The full book can be downloaded as PDF on the website

Local authorities and leaders should participate in global educa-tional partnership because of their important role in good governance for sustainable development. In workhops they can learn more about the important connection bet-ween the educational systems and governance structure. They are exposed to cultu-ral differences and they are forced to be dynamic on how to use their leadership power structure. After a workshop, they are maybe able to to use these partnership experience to develop new cultural poli-cies to control their political leaderships back home. And they can give a bigger chance for the youth who participate in global educational partner-ships to exercise governance power in their home countries and implement the skills and knowledge acquireed.

Gilbert Kofi GermainTeacher at the St. Germain School, Ghana

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Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Training Workshop with key stakeholders on THE NCD Navigator Data Collection Tool (Pointing the Way towards Better NCD Care) in Ghana. 23-03-202.
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are the leading causes of deaths worldwide, contributing about 70% of all deaths globally. The World Health Organization’sGlobalActionPlanforthePreventionandControlofNCDs,2013-2020 providesa roadmap for attaining a set of global targetsincludinga 25% reduction in premature NCD-related deaths by 2025. It has also been increasingly recognized that multi-sectoral and concerted action is essential to achieving the set target and the longer-termSustainable Development Goals of reducing NCD-related mortality by one-third by 2030.
In Ghana, NCDs account for 43% of all deaths and over 50% of all illnesses of persons over 40 years of age. The Ghana Government is committed to reducing premature deaths resulting from NCDs through multi-sectoral and collective impact approach.
The Challenge
There are pockets of NCD interventions ongoing in various parts of the country. However, there is lack of local data on NCD programming to inform priority-setting, coordinate efforts and track progress on NCD strategies to address the growing and complex needs of people living with NCDs (PLwNCDs). Greater coordination of NCD initiatives is needed to ensure that they are consistent with national priorities and informed by data to impact country-level initiatives. Within the country’s limited resources, commitment to efficiency and equity becomes more formidable.
The Response
PATH with funding support from Access Accelerated (AA) developed the NCD Navigator, which has been accepted by the WHO as adynamic, living data management and NCD reporting solution. The Navigator is a first-of-its-kind, digital information system which provides real-time data on NCD programming to meet the needs of PLwNCDs. We believe the NCD Navigator can be a resource for Ghana in the development and implementation of its national NCD strategies.
Statement from the Director General of the Ghana Health Service
This is a general statement from the Ghana Health Service emphasizing the importance and usefulness of the NCD Navigator and why it is important for you to provide accurate information about your work.
Also, the section contains instructional information and contact persons if you need further information.
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Gilbert Kofi Germain the Chief Servant of the Young and Lonely Foundation-YLF receives an award as the longest and hard working NGO in the area of health in the Agona East District.
Yesterday YLF was invited to the Agona East District Health Directorate's Annual Performance Review & Awards Ceremony.
The meeting started with presentations from different health facilities in the District including the Health Directorate's on its performances through out the years. The next was on the awards ceremony based on the performance of the longest serving and hard working NGO with health workers and other institutions that work closely in support of health issues in the District. YLF stands out to receive this award as the only NGO that has been instrumental and impactful with its work in the District since 2007 till date. Also, YLF's work has inspired and improved the quality of life of the vulnerable in various communities over the years which is evident by our support for the Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) and other initiatives.
To humanity, we say Ayeekoo.!!!
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Today 26th November, 2020 @ The pastoral center in Sunyani - Brong Ahafo region in Ghana.
The Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health held it's 14th AGM 2020, in two phases, Mobilizing Communities for Sustained Immunization Service and post COVID Intervention; the Role of CSOs.
The second phase (AGM and Elections), Opening statement from the National Chairman and call to Order.
Reading of the previous minutes/reports and presentation of 2019 audited report, presentation by the National Secretariat, Discussion on the 2021 annual work plan and Elections was peaceful commenced with the official closure of AGM Pre-transition issues by the Newly Elected National Chairman/Chairperson.
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
A talk on peaceful elections 2020, with the youth groups in Agona East and Gomoa Central.
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
The programme was designed to educate and advice the youth on the need to ensure peaceful atmosphere before, during and after the upcoming elections December 2020. The theme for the programme was ‘The role of the youth in maintaining peace in elections 2020’.
The election peace-talk programme was designed and held in two districts (Agona East District and Gomoa central) in the central region of Ghana as part of efforts to promote youth participation in the progress of good governance and development. Preparation for the programme were made accordingly and the key stakeholders including youth groups were informed appropriately about the need to embark on, as the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections draws nearer. It has become appropriate that as part of the trainings, educational and leadership programmes of National Youth Authority, it’s a duty on us to promote peace and order among the youth in Ghana to ensure a peaceful, free and fair election.
In place of a member from the National Peace Council, Mr. Gilbert K. Germain, the CEO/Founder of Young and Lonely Foundation who has also undertaken a number of peace making programmes in the districts also shared his experiences on a number of election conflicts he has witnessed particularly in Liberia where people injure and murder other people. He further displayed some pictures and videos of the Liberian conflict, Rwanda genocide, Guinea election violence and the recent clash between the NPP and NDC at Odododiodio constituency.
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
Young and Lonely Foundation - YLF
On the 20th of October 2020,
The ministry of local government and the rural development together with some key stakholders met at the Agona West Municipal Assembly Hall to discuss and plan on improving local economy and how we can collectively use our local resources to create jobs and wealth to promote and enhance the total economic development of the Municipality. As an on-going process, we continue to collaborate with other stakeholders to enable us bridge the gab in the economy towards sustainable development for all citizens.
The objective of the workshop was to look at economic opportunities within the municipality how citizens can take advantage as part of the Ghana Secondly Cities Support Programme. The YLF as an NGO in the Municipality has been part of the programme since the beginning and will be updating the process of progress......