Volunteering Programs


• Volunteering
• Education
• Health
• Community Development
• Women and Youth Empowerment
• Research and Human Right Advocacy
• Agriculture Development

Key Responsibilities:
• Organize community meetings and educate participants on health topics
• Home visits to educate household on selected health topics
• Assist in organizing health training programs for focus groups in the communities e.g. pregnant
women, nursing adolescent mothers, people infected with HIV etc.
• Identify projects for volunteers and orienting staff at the project about volunteering.
• Placing volunteers in local families and homes.
• Identify local social groups, such as youth clubs, school clubs, religious clubs, etc., attend their
meetings and educate them on selected topics.
• Working with NHIS and Ghana Health Services on district level.
• Working in schools for volunteering work.
• Working with orphanage and foster homes.
Local families have been carefully selected to host volunteers to enable volunteers experience the Ghanaian family lifestyle. Volunteers learn the culture very fast by living with local families. This local arrangement provide much security for the volunteers as they are accepted by the community as part of them. Boredom and lonely are eliminated from the lives of volunteers due to the involvement of the local families. However, much privacy is assured to every volunteer, since they have their own room arrangement.

Time Commitment
A volunteer is expected to work not less than 4 hours and not more than 8 hours a day excluding Saturdays and Sundays which are free days for every volunteer.
Time of work is flexible and one must develop a work plan to meet the conditions and activities of the chosen project.

Support Provided
Training for this position will be provided. In addition, the field facilitators and project managers will be available on an ongoing basis to answer questions and provide further assistance if needed. We also organize monitoring and evaluations activities from time to time help improve their working skills.

Post Office Box SM 44, Agona – Swedru, Central – Region, Ghana.
Email: ylfinfo@gmail.com Website: www.youngandlonely.org
Office +233 (0)312291130 Mobile +233 (0)207920698
Please read thoroughly and give adequate answers to the questions asked below. Please use upper cases.
Questions to which answers are unknown should be left blank.

First Name: __________________________________ Surname: _________________________________
Sex (M/F): ____ Date of Birth: __________________ Country: ___________ Nationality: ____________
State: ______________ Zip/Postal Code: _____________ Phone Number: __________________________
Marital Status or other (M/S): ____ Hobbies: ____________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________________________
Contact Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Please provide basic, educational information with full contact address of Referees:




Do you have any allergies? Yes: ___ No: ___ If you do have any allergies, please explain them and
their symptoms in detail:


Any other medical condition that you think we should know of? Yes: ___ No: ___ If yes, please explain:
How did you hear of the YLF? _______________________________________________________________

Would this be your first time in Ghana? Yes: __ _ No: ___

Have you ever worked with any NGO? Yes: ___ No: ___ If yes, please provide details below:


Name of NGO: _____________________________________________________________________________
Timeframe (DD/MM/YY – DD/MM/YY): _______________________________________________________
Project Type: _______________________________________________________________________________

Provide full detailed address of the institution/company/organization you are coming from:
Full Name: ___________________________________________________________ Initial: _______
Full Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________ Tel: __________________________________
Provide contact details of persons from your company and family:
Full Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Full Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________ Tel: ____________________________________
Full Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Full Address: ________________________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________ Tel: ____________________________________
Young and Lonely Foundation Programmes
 Education Jan-April, May-July, Sept-Dec
 Health All year Round
 Research and Human Right Advocacy All year Round
 Community Development All year Round
 Agriculture Development All year Round
 Women and Youth Empowerment All year Round
Please choose one or more of the above programs together with Educational Aid for Child Development

1. __________________________________________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________________________________________

Provide details of experience in the chosen field of work, e.g. teaching, administration, health and taking care of children, etc:


As a YLF volunteer, we encourage that you secure for yourself an insurance before starting your project.
You are expected to speak English, since Ghana in an English Speaking Country.
Please fill the forms and send to our email address above.

Proposed travel Dates:
Begins (DD/MM/YY):
Ends (DD/MM/YY):

Additional Information:
Costs( will be communicated, while the technical team on it)

A. Airport pick-up and final return by a member of the YLF
B. Accommodation (Staying with a Ghanaian family with full Meals and fruits)
C. Training/Orientation
D. Project Supervision and Monitoring

E. Other Administrative Overheads

Young and Lonely Foundation in partnership with St. Germain School Complex.
Motto: The Child, Our Hope for the Future.

YLF volunteers who have visited Ghana and stayed here for several months would like to recommend a list of things to take with you for your stay.
1. A headlamp + batteries – due to regular power outs in Ghana it’s unfortunately a necessity. It is also a useful tool if you want to travel in Ghana.
2. A mosquito net – not all guest families have mosquito nets, it’s an invaluable protection from Malaria.
3. Malaria Medication – Use either Malarone, Lariam or Doxycyclin, the latter will also protect you from other diseases based on bacteria, such as Cholera.
4. Silver Ions – used to purify water for when you are travelling and might not be able to buy any pure water.
5. Worm Medication, such as Senzol, or any similar medication that includes Abendzole.
6. Sandals and Solid Shoes.
7. 100ml of Autan or equal Mosquito Repellant per month
8. Sunblocker 30+
9. A backpack with 30-35 litres volume for travelling.
10. 2 SIG bottles, 1 litre each for travelling.
11. Handkerchiefs (though you can also buy them here)
12. Tissues like Tempo (they are hard to get here).
13. Copy of the passport.
14. Visa and Master cards

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