Orphanage Program

The Orphanage Volunteer Program allows you to work hands-in hand with underprivileged children at orphanage, providing each child with your love, care, and attention. Sadly, most of these facilities are poorly resourced and under-staffed; compassionate volunteers are desperately needed to help provide the basic needs of these children. Volunteer duties will vary both on the needs of the orphanage and the skills/interests of the volunteer. The volunteer daily activities at the orphanage may include:

– Teaching
– Counseling
– Discussing cultural views
– Health and hygiene education
– Mental and physiological support
– Assisting orphanage administration
– Cooking
– Playing (of course!)

Volunteers will be accommodated near by occasionally volunteers placed with a neighboring host family due to the limited resources and facilities of the orphanages. These orphanages have been sustained thanks to the generosity and kindness of our volunteers – please join us in supporting this worthy cause!

Volunteers will spend every minute of you’re their day living side-by-side with the amazing kids at the orphanage which is an experience you will never forget.  Volunteers would have the opportunity to really get to know the kids and orphanage staff. Volunteers will spend some of the day helping with the daily chores, which frees up time for the children to read and study for school.
You can also help to teach in the classroom or aid the children in their after-school studies. Probably the most memorable aspects of orphanage volunteering will be the time you have with the kids sharing with them your story and letting them know they have hope and dignity.

Who can apply?
English speaking volunteers 18 years and over are eligible to apply.

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