Medical Program

The medical program can be a very challenging for a nurse or doctor coming from a developed country. You will however be working alongside a professional who will be there to guide you. In Ghana today healthcare is neither easily accessible nor affordable for many Ghanaian living in the rural villages and slums. Poverty creates a large barrier to the acquisition of healthcare in general, but in rural areas in particular.

The Ghana Government has authorized our program to place medical students and professionals in their clinics and hospitals. These dispensaries and hospitals have very basic equipment and facilities. Volunteers are placed in a hospital or dispensary based on previous medical training and experience. For the medical placement, volunteers need to be training or qualified in a relevant medical field. Therefore, volunteers are required to present a copy of their qualifications and certificates to us before arrival in Ghana.

Who can apply?
English speaking volunteers 18 years and over with medical experience and/or currently training in the medical field are eligible to apply.

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