Community Health Durbar at Gomoa Pomadze


stakeholders meeting

As part of the activities outlined in the implementation plan, health education durbar was organized by Young and Lonely Foundation to educate people on immunization issues. The focus of the durbar were the importance of immunization, and immunization schedules.  The activity was organized in collaboration with HERO-Network and Ghana Health Service (GHS) staff who have been very supportive since the inception of the project.

At the durbar a health person took the community immunization and the need for communities to attach seriousness to the immunization programme. After the education, a forum was opened for community members to ask questions, and contribute towards the programme. From the interactions, we gather that community members were not given enough prior information before CWC activities. In response to this concern, the GHS staff promised revealed that they are collaborating effectively with volunteers through the GAVI project and this collaboration will help them to get in touch with whatever is happening in the communities as well a give prior notice on CWC activities on time.

The programme was attended by chiefs, elders and community members of Gomoa Pomadze and Asebu, Deputy District Disease Control Officer, Community Health Nurses from Okyereko Health Centre, staff of YLF and HERO –Network. The chiefs and elders expressed much interest in the programme and appealed to YLF and GHS to continuously organize such programmes to sensitize people on health issues.

The following are the outcomes of the durbar:

  • Over 250 community members educated on importance of immunization
  • Over 250 community members educated on immunization schedule
  • Misconceptions about child immunization such as a child cannot take immunization when the child has boils were all cleared by the disease control officer


  • The volunteers at Asebu have resigned and need to be replaced with new set of volunteers
  • Lack of a health facility at Asebu and Pomadzi so people go to other district such as Winneba to have immunisation
  • Inadequate training for the volunteers to equip them with the skills to carry out their duties well
  • Inadequate motivation for volunteers


  • The District Assembly should liaise with the Ghana Health Service to put up a health facility Asebu and Pomadzi and its environs
  • The community leadership should be engaged so that they can select dedicated volunteers to carry out the education, mobilisation and registration on immunisation.
  • The volunteers should be motivated enough to carry out their duties well
  • There should be a regular training for the volunteers so that they can improve upon their performance on the job.


Child immunisation is one of the ways of eradicating childhood killer diseases among children. This is the reason why education on immunisation has been carried in Pomadzi and Asebu communities to prevent killer diseases from wiping out our children. The education has gone down well and most of the community members including the community leadership are happy about the project and are looking forwarding to receiving more education and immunisation on regular basis so that childhood killer diseases would become a thing of the past.

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