A child learns to write

Deepen a child's appreciation of their linguistic and cultural heritage.

The right to education

Educating Ghana's children, breaking down the barriers.

Happy children, learn better

Stimulating their passion for reading, writing and creativity.

Safety assurance

Providing a secure and nurturing environment.

Linking it all together

Save The Young Foundation creates synergy among families, communities and schools.

Young and Lonely Foundation is living on the edge, waiting for you to come and give us a push!

We are a community based non-governmental organization (NGO) assisting children of all races and needs, administering to their physical, emotional and educational needs of deprived children and orphans in the rural communities of Ghana.

We do this by providing them with the necessary assistance and support they need in education and vocational training to build foundation of hope for the future within their communities they live with skills and services they need to become the solution to their problems.

Find our how you can be part of the solution!